Discover how to go from Silent Sufferer to Liberated Lover!

Are you ready to experience safety, comfort, confidence & pleasure in your intimate relationships?

Live course begins January 8, 2022

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  • Does intimacy feel like an obligation or a chore?
  • Are you avoiding sex because of trauma, anxiety, boredom, disconnection or pain?
  • Would you like to embrace your sexuality & have free-spirited intimacy
  • Want to feel confident with your body & experience freedom from shame?
  • Want to unburden your intimacy and experience safety, comfort. confidence & pleasure?

The Path to Liberated Intimacy is a Life-Changing Journey

Your journey will involve visiting 3 phases of growth

  • Exploration: The process of discovering through self-reflection.
  • Inspiration: The act of awakening and creating.
  • Flow: The state of being with naturalness or grace.
ENROLL in The Path to Liberated Intimacy Today!

Why You Can No Longer Afford to put off Your Path to Liberated Intimacy

  • You want relaxed, free-spirited & enjoyable sexual intimacy.
  • You want the freedom to say yes or no without pressure, shame or guilt.
  • You want your sexuality to evolve throughout your lifespan while enjoying safe, comfortable, confident and pleasurable sex.

"An instructor can have a powerful influence on the life of a student. Michelle created that type of impact for me and for others. Michelle exudes confidence and passion in her work. She has a way of inspiring you to find the same feelings within yourself. You see it in her but you know you can have it too after working with her. She pushes you to find purpose, connection, and meaning in what you do."

- Whitney

"Michelle radiates positivity, joy, and love. She has a talent for bringing out that type of beauty in others while providing the tools to help them be successful. She is an amazing role model and her positive influence has helped shape me into the person I am today. I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to learn from and work with Michelle to do so!"

- Kara 

"Michelle's positive attitude, calmness and ability to truly listen and care for each person she interacts with is something I admire about her. Michelle's energy and zest for life is contagious and I feel very fortunate to have experienced that type of positivity during a very impressionable time in my life."

- Michelle

"Learning from Michelle taught me more than just the lesson. Her character alone taught me that it's okay to be exactly who I am and I don't need to try to be anything or anyone else. She is strong, knowledgeable, and makes everyone feel comfortable. I'm grateful I was able to learn from Michelle" 

- Kara 


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  • TEN group coaching sessions! Here you'll have time to ask questions, share your triumphs, seek clarification, process hurdles & connect with other wonderful folks on a similar journey!
  • A private Liberated Intimacy Facebook group. Gain 24/7 access to community & support.
ENROLL in The Path to Liberated Intimacy Today!


Hi, I'm Michelle Kelly

I'm a Certified Sex Therapist, accredited through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists ( I'm a licensed psychotherapist in CA & UT ( I'm also the Founder and CEO of Fierce & Free MVMT.

After years of working as a mental health therapist and discussing the topics of sexuality and intimacy with my clients, colleagues, friends, family & strangers, it's clear there's a lot of healing to do in our culture around these topics.

Many people need support, but not everyone needs therapy to propel them towards their intimacy goals. I created The Path to Liberated Intimacy so access to high-quality education & support is available at a rate more affordable than therapy.

Too many wonderful folks are suffering in silence because they don't know how to navigate their sexual & intimacy distress. You no longer need to suffer in silence. I can support you in finding your voice!

ENROLL in The Path to Liberated Intimacy Today!


Email Michelle: [email protected]